RO Systems

Industrial RO systems

Reverse osmosis can evacuate many sorts of broke up and suspended species from water, including microorganisms, and is utilized as a part of both modern procedures and the generation of consumable water. RO frameworks utilize semipermeable layers, which permit water particles to stream uninhibitedly while getting atoms that are too huge to go through the film pores. Reverse osmosis additionally includes dissemination, making the procedure subject to weight, stream rate, and different conditions. RO layers can adequately evacuate salt, minerals, nitrates, substantial metals, and even microscopic organisms and infections utilizing this size-specific film innovation.

Commercial RO Systems

We manufacture and export a wide assortment of Domestic RO Systems, which are designed using advanced technology. These RO water purification systems are capable to remove particle such as dissolved solids, pesticides and bacteria and many more. Our range is available in different models and capacities to meet the varied requirements of the clients. Incorporated with advanced water purification process, it provides safe water for drinking and other purposes. Moreover, our range is easy to install and available in various attractive designs and colors. These RO systems are designed by our expert professional using advanced techniques that ensure reliability and efficiency.

Domestic RO Systems

We are specialized in offering a wide array of Domestic RO Systems, which is designed using AQ&Q high pressure booster pumps, membranes are flimtech dow, high quality raw material, . These type of Domestic RO System is equipped with high-tech reverse osmosis technology, which can help to reduce hardness and also stimulate the original taste of drinking water. Our range is capable of purifying water by removing up to 95.9% of TDS and other harmful chemicals, dissolved solids, metals, bacteria and viruses. These are wall mounted & table top models in different colors and different looks, capable of continues flow of pure water @ 10 to 15 liter per hour.