E-cal WaterSoftner

E-cal Softner

The system masks the calcium ions to become inert and incapable of forming scales on your taps, fixtures, etc by using proprietary technology Uses tasteless, odorless, colorless and food grade media. The System prevents scaling of hard water stains on your Faucets, taps, Fixtures, Mirrors, in your bathroom and Kitchen ensuring that bathroom fittings look good as new for longer.Approx. 12 months (depending upon water usage) Time to replace when container floats on water

How to Use

  • Just drop in the overhead water tank.
  • This product is suitable for Independent houses.
  • For Apartments complex, please contact us.

Life of E'CAL

  • Approx 12 months (depending upon water usage).
  • Time to replace when container floats on water.

Performance Test

  • Self performance test.
  • After 1 day of usage boil 1 litre of your regular bore water and E'cal water for 15 min. See the difference yourself.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or 100% money back.


  • No High Cost | No Maintenance | No Regeneration | No Plumbing | No Water Wastage | No Electricity Required | No Manpower Required.