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Etro solar & Aqua is a Tamilnadu based Aqua and solar powered energy product manufacturing and selling company formed in 2012. It consist of young Team of specialist in the field of Renewable energy, Providing need based Power Solutions & Energy Consultation to Customer for their energy requirements. Our products are Solar, Water Treatment, RO systems, E-water Softner, E-cal water softner, Water softners, UPS, Vaccum cleaners.We do applications for both Commercial, Industries.


To build ‘Green India’ through harnessing abundant solar radiation and to achieve energy security for the country.To be a socially responsible brand making a difference in people's lives by affecting all- pervasive areas of their existence- water, food and air. Our fundamental vision is defined by producing innovative healthcare products that purify the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe, and thus help people live healthier.


Our mission is to be the lowest-cost power producer in the world. We sell solar power in India on long-term fixed price contracts to our customers, at prices which in many cases are at or below prevailing alternatives for these customers. Since inception, we have achieved a substantial reduction in total solar project cost, which includes a significant decrease in balance of systems costs due in part to our value engineering, design and procurement efforts.

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